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Sanctuaire- Candle

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Scented beeswax candle. Hand-poured in New York. Phthalate free.

12 oz (340 g)
Burn time: approximately 50 to 55 hours

Beeswax candles provide the cleanest burn of any candle and cleanse, purify and improve the air quality while they burn. The negative ions that beeswax candles emit not only remove dust, pollen and toxins from the air, but also positively affect our mood, energy and health. Enjoy this beautiful gift from nature as you enjoy the golden flame that is sure to bring inner peace and calm.

There are numerous benefits of burning beeswax candles:
-Healthiest choice in candles
-Natural ionizer
-Pulls toxins from the air
-Purifies, cleanses, and improves air quality
-Invigorates the body

MENEMSHA -- With its sandalwood and coconut scent, Menemsha invites you to a world of pleasure and delight. Named after an Algonquin Native American term meaning 'still waters and safe harbor,' this fishing village on Martha's Vineyard holds historical significance as a place of hope and freedom. Today, Menemsha is renowned for its breathtaking sunsets and beach picnics at dusk. Let this alluring scent remind you of the pleasure found in a beach sunset and cherished moments with people you love.
HAVEN -- Designed to evoke feelings of safety and warmth through grounding notes of amber and musk, the Haven candle is ideal for finding reconnection and balance. This bold but nurturing scent is named in honor of Havens Beach in Sag Harbor, NY, which has served as a place of refuge for African-Americans since the 1800s. Light this candle and receive a big hug as you are enveloped by feelings of immense joy and hope. 
INKWELL -- Just like the magical place that is Inkwell Beach in Oak Bluffs on the island of Martha’s Vineyard, the Inkwell candle was designed to supply feelings of Freedom, Restoration, Celebration, and Wholeness. Since the late 1890s, Oak Bluffs and the Inkwell have served as places of refuge for African-Americans. With vibrant and sweet fragrance notes, each burn of the Inkwell candle will invoke memories of soul-refreshing summer mornings on the Vineyard.