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Set Apart Studio

Set Apart Studio- Mama Moment- Bath Soak

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a 5oz bottle, corked on top + full of healing, soothing + relaxing herbs. the ingredients used were carefully selected for their healing, immune boosting, detoxing, + calming properties. the ingredients contain vitamins a, e, c + b, as well as calcium, magnesium + potassium. perfect for postpartum healing, a self care bath night, a foot soak, or even a facial steam.



all organic/dried: red raspberry leaf, comfrey leaf, uva ursi leaf, calendula flower, epsom salt



••• for a bath or foot soak—- simply pour desired amount into the hot water + soak for as long as desired. to minimize clean up, you can even pour product inside a cheesecloth/mesh bag + add to he tub for all of the benefits + none of the loose leaf mess!


••• for a facial steam— add desired amount of herbal mixture into a basin of hot water, lean face 6in over bowl + drape a towel over head to lock in the steam.